The Impact of Push Notifications on iOS Users

According to new Localytics data recorded over the first half of 2016, iOS app users who enable push notifications are more likely to be recurring users. This data outlines the impact of push notifications and their ability to drive app engagement. Push notifications do more than remind users that they have the app installed. In addition, marketers have the ability to offer promotions and special offers to their most loyal customers. Push notifications are one of the most powerful mobile shopping trends for good reason.

Key Takeaways

> First-month retention is much stronger. An average 62% of push-enabled users returned to the app one month after they downloaded it. In contrast, only 27% of users who did not have push notifications enabled returned during the same period.

> Users who enable push notifications are far more engaged than users who don’t. The study found that push-enabled app users logged 53% more monthly sessions compared with users who had not engaged with a push message.

> Push-enabled users have higher longevity rates. After three months, 41% of push-enabled users were still using the app, far exceeding the 18% of push-disabled users who were still using the app.


2016 Push Notification Stats

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