We’re on a mission to make commerce a lot more delightful.

Syndeca is a comprehensive visual commerce solution created and backed by Synapse Group. That’s the reason creativity infuses every aspect of our work, why we cultivate flexibility in our solutions, and why our IR100 clients can always rely on us to reflect their brand essence and nail the execution.

Our best thinking. Every time.

We take our creative inspiration from your brand, your goals, and your business needs. That means we come up with fresh thinking on each new project, from design to execution, and apply it to the job at hand.

Continuous innovation.

We relish the challenges of finding new ways to adapt our platform. Our enduring goal is to help you increase customer engagement and improve customer loyalty. This constant desire to innovate and evolve the Syndeca platform is part of our DNA.

Technology with a purpose.

When you choose Syndeca, you’re doing much more than launching a shopping app or digital version of your existing content. You’re creating a lasting immersive experience that fulfills your customers’ expectations, feeds their desires, and enables them to act on their impulses.

Origins matter.

Synapse Group, our parent agency, is where we first developed our platform. This gave us first-hand agency and marketing experience across a huge range of projects, channels, technologies and functions. It also provided us with exposure to what’s happening in consumer, social, and retail industries. Applying all of these insights makes our solutions smarter, more comprehensive, and more effective.

Create. Elevate.

Our brand was founded and built on creativity. It’s where our roots are and always will be. Our designers and developers will always respect your brand guidelines, while still being true to their creative selves, and bring unique ideas to the table that elevate the work in surprising ways.

From strategy to execution: support when you need it.

We provide all the services you’ll need to create and execute a winning digital strategy. We provide our clients with continuous review and recommendations for optimization of their program.  And of course, we constantly enhance our platform to accommodate the rapidly changing digital landscape, so your solution always runs smoothly and takes advantage of the latest best practices. Whether your business requires our full support or a hands-off approach, Syndeca has the flex you need to get the job done. Quickly.


  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Production
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • UX & UI Design
  • Content Optimization
  • App Development

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