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In-Store Apps for Brands and Retailers

Boost retail revenue with custom in-store apps for consumers or associates.

In-store apps offer new and exciting ways to improve customer service, increase in-store sales, and create buzzworthy retail shopping experiences. Syndeca powers custom, branded in-store apps for consumers and employees, each offering unique benefits and sales-boosting capabilities.

54% use or would like to use digital touchscreens in-store.

Source: Cisco, 2013

Boost revenue and satisfaction with interactive consumer-focused apps.

In-store apps for consumers provide limitless opportunities to maximize sales and improve the shopping experience. Digital kiosks or in-store modes on your brand apps can allow your customers to explore the latest products, check store inventory, see merchandise details, view related items, watch videos, share products on social media, enjoy scan-and-shop functionality, and even receive targeted promotional offers.

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Nearly 50% of shoppers believe they are better informed than store associates.

Source: Motorola, 2013

Empower floor staff with dedicated apps to improve productivity and customer service.

Enable your sales staff to provide nearly instant answers to customer inquiries on the floor. Associates can quickly check stockroom and nearby store inventory, access detailed product information, offer video demos, and help customers create wish lists without leaving the their side. Apps can also remind sales staff of product selling points, upselling and cross-selling opportunities, promotions, and more.

Syndeca simplifies development by leveraging your content and product feeds to create beautiful, touch-optimized native apps in record time. Solutions are integrated with your back-office and ecommerce systems, and are powered by a seamless CMS, simplifying implementation, reducing costs, and enabling instant updates.

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Custom In-Store Apps adapt to every business system and need.

  • In-store mode for consumer apps.
  • Native apps for Apple iOS and Android.
  • Kiosk / POS / flatscreen compatible.
  • Integration with back-end systems and ecommerce site.
  • Social, photo, video capabilities.