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Give your brand a best-in-class experience on every tablet.

Tablet adoption is growing faster than any other device, including smartphones. Consumers love the wide touch screens and easy portability, features that make them an exceptional medium for brand engagement and shopping. Syndeca provides best-in-class tablet solutions, using responsive design for the web-based channel, plus native app offerings for Apple iOS, Google Play and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

One in four tablet users have purchased 6 or more times via tablet in the last six months.

Source: Local and the e-tailing group, 2012
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Marketers are increasingly focused on tablet users because they represent a high-value audience. Providing optimized content in the user’s preferred format (offering responsive web and native apps) can maximize traction and build loyalty with this premium customer base.

Optimize your brand’s tablet experience and build loyalty.

  • Mobile web responsively adapts to every tablet size.
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android increase connections with your brand.
  • Content optimization improves user experiences.
  • HTTP live streaming speeds video access.
  • Push notifications drive engagement and sales.

Clients using Syndeca for their Tablet solution include:

  • Arhaus
  • Alternative
  • SkyMall
  • Justice