Study Finds Millennials Hate It When You Fail to Deliver Good Cross-Device Experiences — costing your brand up to 33% of shoppers.

Omni channel experiences

In this day and age, technology (for the most part) — is incredible. But along with it comes some pretty lofty consumer expectations. Apparently, customers get very frustrated when things aren’t up to par. Millennials have just raised the bar for your omni channel experiences.

Consistency Does Matter

In the latest example, a detailed study from Adobe, shows that when users move from desktop to a tablet or mobile device, and the brand experience isn’t consistent — they tend to have little tolerance.

Omni channel experiences









On average, consumers use 3.1 of their total 7.2 devices daily, while Millennials use 3.3 and own 7.7 devices on average.

The Largest Group Of Frustrated Users?

Millennials. You probably guessed that correct because you’re smart! 90% of Millennials polled switch devices mid-activity. However, other user groups are also well represented, including Gen X at 76%, and the slightly more forgiving crowd of 55+ at 58%. Together, 79% of users polled by Adobe migrate from one device to another mid-stream.

This data alone is compelling evidence to ensure that your brand omni channel experiences are phenomenal. However, combine these findings with a study released from Sitecore and Vanson Bourne — which finds that as many as a third of these frustrated users won’t purchase from your brand again — EVER. In conclusion, the importance of upgrading your omni channel experiences becomes paramount.


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