Tag an image, plant a tree.

10,000+ Trees and Counting


Every time you publish shoppable content, we plant a tree (for every page, or image).

At Syndeca, we believe in giving back! We also believe in providing others with an avenue to amplify our impact, just makes the experience that much more powerful.

That’s why Syndeca decided to partner with award-winning global tree planting organization Trees for the Future. For every page or image our customers publish on the Syndeca platform, we plant a tree. So, as we work with our clients to showcase their content in innovative, engaging ways, we’re simultaneously working together to support reforestation and food forests in developing countries. We’ve planted over 10,000 trees thus far, and we’re committed to planting at least 10,000 new trees annually.

Going Above and Beyond

Customers who partner with Syndeca are already going green. After all, our all-digital lookbooks, catalogs, and comprehensive commerce solutions eliminate the need for an astounding amount of paper waste. But, we thought, why stop there? So we launched this project to take our combined impact even further.

Because each digital image or page produced on the Syndeca platform goes toward the planting of a tree and likely replaces thousands of printed catalog pages, the environmental benefit is twofold!

 Our Impact

Here’s what planting trees will mean for the African communities they’re planted in, and the global community as a whole:

  • Provide permanent and seasonal employment
  • Permanently increase income of impoverished farmers
  • Empower families to earn income to feed themselves
  • Create educational opportunities for children
  • Create fodder for livestock
  • Revitalize and improve soil quality
  • Help end the battle between farms and forests

In these ways and many, many more, we’re making a big difference together.

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