What Sets the Syndeca Platform Apart?

digital catalog platform

Unlike other available digital catalog platforms on the market, Syndeca offers a unique, comprehensive solution for all of your digital syndication needs. Distinguishable benefits of the Syndeca platform include:

A customized, branded experience

  • Design every detail of the user interface and experience to your exact specifications, including all typography, color, product treatments, and graphics
  • Work within your favorite design programs like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator and simply save out hi-res PDFs for upload
  • Extensively tested and easy-to-use interface


Transactional functionality

  • Allow users to view detailed information and configure products within the experience
  • Provide e-commerce capabilities across channels, driving revenue and increasing engagement using ‘add to cart,’ ‘shop now,’ or ‘create a wish list’

Instant shoppability

  • Every image viewed, searched or scanned through our platform is synchronized with live content from your back end systems
  • Your product data, including promotions and availability, are instantly updated for a consistent shopping experience
  • Complete integration with virtually all e-commerce platforms — including Demandware, Magento, as well as custom systems — allowing quick snap-in implementation
  • There are no code requirements from your internal IT team

Optimized content for mobile and tablet devices

  • Ensures your mobile users — who account for ~50+% of all web traffic — can access your content from anywhere with optimized images and video across all channel, devices, and connection speeds

Rich, interactive apps

  • Users can engage with your content and products using rich and engaging native iOS and Android apps that provide an immersive experience, optimized for touch, location, and offline work

Social sharing

  • Built-in social functionality lets users share wish lists, products or pages via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest with just one click
  • An in-house social sharing service that offers a customizable user experience to meet your business needs

Search capability

  • A robust search feature that allows users to find products and content quickly
  • Ability to search across pages, publications and your entire product line

Shoppable streaming video

  • Best-in-class videos, with optimized streaming by device resolution and connection speed
  • Videos can play on the page, in a pop-up, or in a product quick view — and can even be tagged with products



  • Create unlimited versions of your publication to target content by channel, purchase history, geolocation, customer file and more

Single production process

  • Implementation and updates are an easy one-step process across all channels and devices
  • Take complete control of your digital content with our simple online console or let our full range of services do all the heavy lifting — whatever works best for your bandwidth and budget

Tracking and analytics

  • Maximize ROI with real-time access to relevant data
  • Results are presented with context and clarity within our streamlined interface, and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing tracking and analytics systems, such as Google Analytics or Omniture

Technology and innovation

  • Constantly evolving the Syndeca platform is part of our DNA
  • From new features and functionality to supporting system updates, we strive to stay ahead in the technology game

Proven results

  • Across the board, our solution delivers real results, including more conversions, higher AOVs and increased loyalty, which is why our customers look to us to deepen customer engagement, year after year
  • In a case study with an upscale lifestyle fashion brand, our native catalog app has proven to generate:
    • a 34% lift in Average Order Value (compared to the brand’s own app, which had only generated a 12% lift in AOV)
    • a 65% lift in AOV when user engage with our ‘Scan & Shop’ feature (mobile image search for native apps)


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